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State Basic Allotment

In 2019, the State of Texas set public school funding at $6,160 per student annually. Since then, just like most families, public schools have also dealt with inflationary costs through increases in fuel, utilities and insurance. 

What this means is that we have less funding to meet the needs of our growing student population.

Did you know? $4,000 of the annual cost per student is NOT covered by the state-funded allotment.

In 2024 the actual cost per student is $10,139. This difference is causing our district and many others to face a budget deficit. Meanwhile, the State of Texas has a $33 BILLION surplus! 




Public School Funding VS. Cost


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The CPI index remained at 20.6% from 2019 to 2023, with no increase to the Basic Allotment.










Other Increases

In light of our rapidly expanding student population, Liberty Hill ISD recognizes the critical need to enhance our staffing levels to ensure continued quality education, a necessity that requires additional financial resources to accommodate.

14% Growth rate of student population. That's over 1,000 students per year.

Growth rate of student population.
That's over 1,000 students per year.

14% Growth rate of student population. That's over 1,000 students per year.

Impact on Public Education

In the midst of the state funding crisis, LHISD, like other districts, have tough decisions to make. Across Central Texas, districts are having to freeze hiring, reallocate positions, and delay new school openings. They might also be forced to enroll in larger class sizes, buy less food and travel less, and cut back on overtime. Adjustments extend to altered transportation routes and reductions in professional support positions, marking a challenging landscape for educational institutions navigating financial strains.

Amidst the state funding crisis, LHISD, like numerous other public school districts, confronts pivotal choices.

What is the District Doing?

To tackle these challenges, our School Board of Trustees has tasked LHISD with boosting our fund balance, which acts like our district's savings. To secure stability and flexibility down the line, we're focusing on three main things: Piggy bank with money going in it

  • Cost saving strategies
  • Creative staffing
  • Operational efficiencies 


These steps are crucial for ensuring LHISD's long-term financial health and ability to adapt to whatever comes our way.

Our Board approved the following priorities at the April 1, 2024, Special-Called Board Meeting:

  • Maintaining the quality of education + meeting the instructional needs
  • Building fund balance
  • Staff + community education