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New Hire Process

Welcome to Liberty Hill ISD! We are thrilled that you are considering joining our team of Champion Educators. Our hiring process is designed to be transparent and straightforward, ensuring that all candidates know exactly what to expect at each step. Below, you’ll find a detailed flow that outlines everything from applying for a position to starting your journey with us. 

  1. Candidate Application: A candidate applies for the desired position using the Frontline system.


  1. Recommendation for Hire: The Principal/Supervisor completes a Recommendation for Hire.


  1. Job Offer: Once HR receives the Recommendation for Hire, a job offer email is sent to the candidate, detailing the start date, position, and salary.  


  1. Completion of Frontline Paperwork: The candidate fills out required paperwork sent through email via Frontline.


  1. Fingerprinting:
    1. The candidate follows instructions from an Identogo email to schedule an appointment for fingerprinting.
    2. If the candidate's fingerprints are already in the system from previous employment at a school district, HR will subscribe to the existing fingerprints through the DPS webpage.
    3. Candidates cannot start until fingerprinting is completed.


  1. School Board Approval (for exempt positions):
    1. If the position is salaried, the candidate's name is submitted to the School Board for approval.
    2. Candidates cannot start until they receive School Board approval.


  1. HR Onboarding Session:
    1. An onboarding session is scheduled where candidates are informed about benefits, have their employee badge picture taken, and review the school calendar and pay dates.


  1. Finalization:
    1. HR informs the Supervisor/Principal when the candidate is cleared to start.
    2. The candidate starts their new position at LHISD.
    3. The employee badge is sent to the campus/department.