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Founding Tribute

A Tribute to Kristy Kercheville Communications Department Founder

Kristy Kercheville, founder of the Liberty Hill ISD Communications DepartmentKristy Kercheville, founder of the Liberty Hill ISD Communications Department and Liberty Hill ISD Education Foundation, served LHISD for almost 22 years in many roles, including being a teacher for criminal justice, a cheer sponsor, a CTE coordinator, supporting students in the counseling department, and, lastly the Director of Communications and Community Engagement. 

Kercheville had a natural talent for connecting with others and building strong relationships. Her role as the ISD Communications Director was instrumental in helping the district establish long-lasting partnerships within the Liberty Hill ISD Community. Her unwavering devotion to Panther Nation was demonstrated by her exhaustive capacity to share narratives and highlight the numerous accomplishments of our Panther students and staff. 

Kristy was determined to illustrate the Vision and Mission of Liberty Hill ISD in everything she put her mind to and with every connection she built. Her tenure with Liberty Hill ISD has enabled the school district to make tremendous strides in providing our students with a wide range of new opportunities and fostering a championship culture within our community.

Below are just a few of her accomplishments during her time in LHISD:

  • Led the creation and development of the LHISD Education Foundation as the Executive Director of the Liberty Hill ISD Education Foundation
  • Developed and established a Communications Department for LHISD

  • Helped establish a weekly staff and community newsletter for LHISD

  • Contributing Editor for three Liberty Hill ISD ConnectED Magazine Publications reaching over 17,000 community members bi-annually

  • Established a long-lasting brand for Liberty Hill ISD

  • Helped establish long-lasting community partners for Liberty Hill ISD, resulting in various student scholarship and teacher grant opportunities

  • Kristy was instrumental in working with ACC to organize dual credit courses and deliver these courses on the LHHS campus, and she worked with students to help them enroll and prepare for these courses.

  • Kristy's leadership in Career and Technical Education created new opportunities for students in CTE programming. She worked with students to explore their career interests and helped students find resources to support their post-secondary goals.

  • She led communications campaign efforts for a successful ½ Billion Dollar Bond, reaching over 13,350 households, 20 subdivisions, and various organizations within the Liberty Hill, TX community.

  • Successfully led a COVID-19 community campaign district-wide to help keep the school open and maintain a championship culture within Liberty Hill, TX, Community.

She was a friend to all and a supporter of all things Liberty Hill. She was a true representation of the Liberty Hill culture and values that make this district special. Kristy passed away on Tuesday, November 22, after a very courageous year-and-a-half-long battle with ovarian cancer. She was truly one of a kind and will be deeply missed.