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At Liberty Hill ISD, we value the dedication and commitment of our educators and staff. On this page, you will find the 2023-2024 Teacher Salary Scale, displayed to your right.  As we continue to develop our compensation plans for the 2024-2025 academic year, we will ensure our website reflects the most current and relevant information.  If you have questions regarding compensation, please reach out to our Compensation Coordinator, Jen Daugherty at


Special Education Stipends (Updated for 24-25 School Year)

Inclusion/Resource – $2,500

ESLE – $2500

BEST – $3000

Solid ROOTS – $3500

RISE – $4000

AIMES – $4000

Diagnostician – $1500

OT – $1500

School Psychologist – $1500

SLP – $1500




2023-2024 Compensation