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Social Media Policy

Liberty Hill ISD Social Media Guidelines

Liberty Hil ISD supports the use of social media as a means to facilitate communication. The responsible use of social media by district employees can be a beneficial and effective way to communicate with parents and students alike. The following guide serves as LHISD expectations for departments, classrooms, campuses, organizations, and employees.

Authorization For An LHISD Social Media Account

  • All Liberty Hill ISD online social media accounts, current, and future, must be authorized by the Department of Communications.
  • Each social media account will be approved by the district and a campus principal.
  • Any existing sites or pages that represent Liberty Hill ISD are subject to review by district and campus administrators and may be amended or, when necessary, removed.

Rules of Engagement For Liberty Hill ISD Social Media Platforms

Liberty Hill ISD's Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts are provided for the district community by the Liberty Hill ISD Communications Department. We will update these pages as often as possible to share as much as possible about Liberty Hill ISD and the achievements of its students and staff's achievements, and other relevant district community information. You may submit any information, stories, or news related to LHISD Programming to the Communications Department for coverage consideration at

All posting of comments on any social media page is at the discretion of the page administrators. The intent of this policy is not to keep any negative or critical information from being posted but to protect the privacy and rights of Liberty Hill ISD staff and students. Naming specific employees or students in a negative way will not be allowed (and is just generally inappropriate). The page administrators will review all postings to ensure they do not run afoul of the rules nor the district’s Acceptable Use Guidelines regarding the Internet and the Liberty Hill ISD Electronic Communications System.

We welcome your thoughts and comments and look forward to what you have to say. However, we will not leave postings that:

  • Break the law or encourage others to do so. This includes respecting copyright and fair use laws. If you are talking about somebody else’s work, reference this or the person, and where possible, include a link.
  • Contain abusive or inappropriate language or statements. This includes remarks that are racist, homophobic, and sexist as well as those that contain obscenities or are sexually explicit.
  • Easily identify students and/or staff in defamatory, abusive, or generally negative terms.
  • Do not show proper consideration for others’ privacy or are considered likely to offend or provoke others – i.e. don’t pick fights or goad others into inflammatory debates. Nobody likes a bully.
  • Are spam or unsolicited advertisements– i.e. repeatedly posting the same comment or comments that are simply advertising/promoting a service or product.
  • The page administrators reserve the right to not post or remove any comments at any time, for any reason…but we hope that won’t ever be necessary.

Those individuals who violate the comments policy face being permanently banned from participation on this page. The terms of usage may be updated at any time without prior notice. Comments are solely the opinions of the users who post them. The district takes no responsibility for misinformation included in user comments.

If a photo is submitted to us for posting, the page administrators will assume permission for the photo to be posted. If we have a question or concern, we will respond to your email or not post the photo.

If you have a comment or would like to report an inappropriate comment for us to review, send an e-mail to

Please note, you can also receive e-mail and phone text messages of our updates as they are posted through the settings of your personal Facebook or Twitter account.

Employee And Account Administrator Responsibilities

  • All LHISD employees need to be aware of their responsibilities concerning their personal social media accounts and will be held accountable for content on their social media accounts.
  • Be sure to include a disclaimer stating that the information is unofficial and representative of your views and opinions and not necessarily the views and opinions of Liberty Hill ISD.
  • The account administrator of an LHISD-authorized account should ensure that content is consistently updated. Dormant accounts will be removed.

District Role

  • The use of District logos must be requested and approved by the Communications Department.
  • The District does not endorse or take responsibility for content posted by third parties.
  • The District does not permit explicit or implied institutional endorsements of any kind through the use of its names, trademarks, logos, or images — including pictures of campus buildings.
  • Liberty Hill ISD does not pre-screen posted content, but it shall have the right to remove content with cause.