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Smart Tag Information

  • SMART tag is a full-featured system designed to streamline services for transportation.

    The system feature ensures authorized bus ridership resulting in increased safety and security of students who utilize school bus transportation. Passive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and cloud-connected tablet computers in each school bus provide accurate, near real-time information.

    Secured Mobility LLC, is a privately-held technology company located in Georgetown, TX. As the developer of SMART tag, Secured Mobility has leveraged over a decade of experience in developing security software, hardware and deploying cloud-hosting infrastructure.

  • The SMART tag transportation feature is designed to enhance communication between the transportation department and the parents of student riders. Parents may see if their child is on the bus and approximately when the bus will arrive at the stop. Additionally, parents may opt to be notified via text of the estimated bus arrival time to their stops.

  • Enroll through the parent portal, parents must be registered to use the Parent Portal to view bus activity.

  • Yes, in order to foster increased student safety and security as well as to provide a more efficient process of loading and unloading our buses, SMART tag ID badges will be required for all riders

    If a student does not have their SMART tag at the bus stop, the driver must personally log them in. This is more time consuming than students tagging in, and can delay a route.

  • All students are required to have his / her Smart Tag with them to load the bus.  Students who do not have a card for 5 days will be required to replace their Smart Tag.

    What is the cost of replacing your students' Smart Tag?

    Tag - $5

    Basic Black Lanyard/Protector Combo - $1

    Smart Tag Lanyard W/ Detachable Feature - $2

    How to Pay:

    Pay online at Cash or Check, please complete the following form for payment Cash/Check Payment, then send the payment to the front office of your students campus. 

    Please make sure you include your students' full name, grade, campus and student ID in online purchases.  

    Once the Transportation Department receives the payment, we will reprint the card.  Your student will be able to pick up their new Smart Tag, with a receipt, in the Office the next day. 

    For further information, you may call the Transportation Department Monday – Friday, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. at 512-379-3250.

  • Yes. Students are required to maintain their badges from year to year.

  • No information is stored on a SMART tag ID badge. The SMART tag system utilizes Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and cloud-connected tablet computers. The technology is passive, meaning that the ID card does not have a continuous signal so students will not be tracked when they are not on the bus.The ID cards only power up to talk to the SMART tag Driver Tablet when the student is on the bus. Also, only the student’s name and associated bar code will be printed on the ID badge. The bus driver will be able to view the student’s picture, name, ID number, seat number, school, grade, and bus stop.

  • Yes, the parent can view a student’s ridership activity for the current day or any previous day of the school year, under the activity history, with the Parent Portal App. Please note that it may take up to several minutes from a student loading/unloading the bus for SMART tag to update its records due to network connectivity. Parents should be aware it may take longer if there is a poor signal or the network provider is experiencing a delay/latency issue is out of Liberty Hill ISD’s control.

  • The SMART tag parent portal is accessible from a desktop computer or a smart phone. From a smart phone, there is no 'app' to install. However, when you first visit the parent portal website from the phone's internet browser, select 'Add to Home Screen' and a tile (graphic icon to launch apps) will be added on the smart phone for easy access in the future. Electronic notifications (text alerts) are available through SMART tag.

    The parent must be registered for the Parent Portal to receive a notification. There is no cost to parents to utilize the SMART tag Parent Portal. The portal may be accessed directly at The Parent Portal can alert/notification when the bus is approximately 10-15 minutes prior to pick-up and drop-off.