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Panther Cadets and Texas Army National Guard Join Forces for Land Navigation Course

Posted Date: 11/07/23 (5:16 PM)

Liberty Hill, TX: On October 30, 2023, the Panther Cadets at Liberty Hill High School took a significant step beyond the confines of their classroom, partnering with the Texas Army National Guard to embark on a Land Navigation course. This invaluable experience not only allowed these young students to immerse themselves in real-world skills but also served as a testament to the district's commitment to providing comprehensive and enriching educational experiences.

The Land Navigation Adventure

The Land Navigation course that took place on that day was no ordinary field trip. It was a hands-on experience that introduced the cadets to the art of navigating unfamiliar terrain using basic tools such as topographic maps, protractors, and compasses. This experience served to bridge the gap between theory and practical application, making it an unforgettable learning opportunity for all those involved.

Students Acquired Real-World Skills

During this awesome adventure, the Panther Cadets acquired several essential skills that will undoubtedly serve them well in the future. The armed services, including the Army National Guard, value individuals with a strong foundation in land navigation. The skills the Panther Cadets acquired during this experience, such as reading topographic maps, using a protractor to plot points, and employing a compass for navigation, are crucial for military personnel who may find themselves in challenging and unfamiliar environments, or to those who are simply our for an adventure in nature! These skills included:


Reading Topographic Maps: Understanding and interpreting topographic maps is a crucial skill for anyone venturing into unfamiliar landscapes. The cadets learned how to read these maps, which provide detailed information about the elevation, contour, and terrain of an area.

Using a Protractor to Plot Points: The art of plotting points on a map accurately is essential for navigation. Cadets were taught how to use protractors to measure angles and distances, ensuring they could accurately identify and mark their intended destinations.

Employing a Compass for Navigation: A compass is an indispensable tool for finding direction in the wilderness. Cadets were given hands-on training on using a compass to navigate between designated points, helping them stay on course even when visual landmarks were scarce.

Real-World Application

The practical application of these skills presented a challenging yet rewarding opportunity for the Panther Cadets. They not only had a great time during the course but also gained lifelong skills that will undoubtedly serve them well in various aspects of their lives. Land navigation is not just about finding your way through the woods; it's a lesson in problem-solving, critical thinking, and adaptability – all skills that are highly transferable to the students' academic and personal journeys.

Valuable Partnerships

Liberty Hill ISD highly values partnerships like this that help our students grow and prepare them for their futures. These collaborations enable us to offer unique, hands-on experiences that go beyond the classroom, instilling in our students the skills and knowledge necessary for success in their academic and personal journeys.

The partnership between the Panther Cadets and the Texas Army National Guard in their Land Navigation course, serves as a shining example of how collaboration between educational institutions and community organizations can benefit students. We are committed to fostering these valuable connections and continuously seeking opportunities to enrich the educational experiences of our students. 

The Impact on Students

The Land Navigation course exemplifies the district's commitment to enriching the educational experiences of its students. By offering experiences like these, Liberty Hill ISD fosters valuable connections and ensures that students are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary for success.

"The kids enjoyed that the field trip was unique and different. They liked that they were given the tools and that the adults didn't take over the exercise. They were available to answer questions but not conduct the course."
Jonathan Lemenager, LHHS Cadet Instructor


The real-world skills acquired during this adventure will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the cadets, equipping them with practical and valuable skills that can be applied in their future service careers. Liberty Hill ISD remains steadfast in its commitment to providing enriching educational experiences for its students, ensuring they are well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, including the potential choice to serve their country.

Article by Kylie Cortez, Digital Media Coordinator
Photos provided by Liberty Hill High School Student Media, Sophia Aho, and Tatum Grisel
Liberty Hill ISD Office of Communications